Livestock sector in Vietnam
R. Métras, R.J. Soares Magalhaes, Q. Hoang Dinh, G. Fournié, J. Gilbert, D. Do Huu, D. Roland-Holst, J. Otte & D.U. Pfeiffer


Ricardo J Soares Magalhães, Angel Ortiz-Pelaez, Kim Lan Lai Thi, Quoc Hoang Dinh, Joachim Otte, Dirk U Pfeiffer


Jennifer Ifft, David Roland-Holst, and David Zilberman

We estimate the demand for different varieties of chicken in Viet Nam. We find that higher incomes are linked to consumption of traditionally produced free-range chicken; and that, in general, there is price substitution between different varieties of chicken. These findings indicate that quality plays a large role in demand for chicken in Viet Nam.

As more and more pressure is being placed on Vietnamese farmers to produce meat, eggs etc. at low cost to compete with imports, food safety is not always comes a priority. As a result, consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about what they eat, and particularly what their children eat. Food safety hazards range from microbial contamination to the presence of chemical residues and represent potential health risks both immediately after eating the products and in the longer-term.

Vu Dinh Tuan, Nguyen Van Thach, Ha Van Phuong, Thomas Hilger, Alwin Keil, Gerhard Clemens, Manfred Zeller, Karl Stahr, Nguyen Thanh Lam, Georg Cadisch, 2010

Communication to the International Symposium on “Sustainable Land Use and Rural Development in Mountainous Regions of Southeast Asia”, Upland Project, Hohenheim University, University of Agriculture, Hanoi, 21-23 July 2010, Parallel session 6, [Abstract], 1p.

Gramond Fiona, 2010

Cette étude s’inscrit dans un projet visant à combiner élevage, agriculture et culture pérennes dans les zones de colline du Nord Vietnam (Projet Adam). Elle a été menée dans le district de Moc Chau, province de Son La, une région d’altitude où la production de thé présente une importance forte.

Vidal R., 2009

Mastère Développement Agricole Tropical, option Gestion Sociale de l’eau. Montpellier: Institut des Régions Chaudes (IRC, Sup' Agro Montpellier), 90 p. + annexes.

Guy Delphine, 2010

Dans le district de Thanh Ba, province de Phu Tho dans le Nord du Vietnam, depuis la redistribution des terres en 1988 une grande diversification des exploitations agricoles s’est mise en place. Le thé, source de revenue primordiale de la zone, est un facteur important dans cette différenciation agricole de la zone.

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