REVALTER project

The REVALTER project aims at promoting a new vision of livestock development in Vietnam, a country faced with extremely rapid intensification and industrialization of the sector.

In order to respond to the challenges associated to this livestock transition, the project will review the past and current changes and build some foresight scenarios for the future.

The project will assess in particular the changes that affect environmental, economic and social relationships between livestock breeding, agriculture and rural territories.
The project will conduct a systemic approach of livestock-ecosystems relationships that will be documented at 3 levels (multi-scale analysis):

  • the farm level,
  • the territorial level,
  • the value chain level.

Four specific objectives will be followed:

  1. to review the ongoing processes of change related to livestock transformation;
  2. to understand governance mechanisms related to these changes;
  3. to assess and compare sustainable indicators of livestock systems;
  4. to build prospective scenarios in partnership with policy deciders.
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