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The 2015 milk crisis in Ba Vì: A market price adjustment?

In the beginning of 2015, the International Dairy Production Company (IDP) decided to change its milk procurement strategy in the Ba Vì District. This was perceived by most actors as a “milk crisis”, since many farmers complained about the drop of the price of milk. Moreover, the company decided to limit the quantities of milk purchased in the district, and several new farmers could not find outlets. A field visit conducted in March, 2016 in Ba Vì confirms that the milk price at farm gate has decreased from 13 000 VND/kg to 10 000 VND/kg since the beginning of 2015. Farmers have also been facing a concentration in milk collection, with a severe reduction of the number of milk collection points. This situation reveals an increased competition in the dairy industry in the whole country, caused by the rapid development of milk farms and by the decrease of the milk powder prices on the international market. We interprete the Ba Vi milk crisis as a result of both a change in the IDP strategy, and a long term “adjustment” on the milk market.

Authors : Guillaume DUTEURTRE, NGUYEN Mai Huong, PHAM Duy Khanh, NGUYEN Hai Thanh

The TH milk company (Vietnam)

The TH milk Company (Vietnam) : is such a large scale investment sustainable ? Report of a visit conducted  in Nghĩa Đàn District (Nghệ An Province) on July 2nd, 2015 completed with a literature review

Le fromage au Vietnam - 2015 compressé

The report aims to assessing the interest of cheese processing  which could imrpove a sustainable dairy industry at the local level in Vietnam. The case of the Ba Vi district was selected because of its emblematic reputation in milk production.


Animal Feed Sector in Vietnam

The present report will present the animal feed industry in Vietnam. After a brief presentation of the international context of such industry, we will propose a detailed presentation of the Vietnamese animal feed industry, considering its specificity: small farmers represent the majority of producers but are not entirely in adequation with large integrated companies. The report will detail the role of the main actors of the industry and will conclude by analyzing impact of their integration strategy on the livestock landscape in Vietnam. Finally issues and prospects for the sustainability of the industry will be discussed.

Reference :

Bocquillet X., 2014 : Animal Feed Industry in Vietnam, REVALTER project, CIRAD, Hanoi, 56 p.

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