Training session on “Quality Analysis and Management in Animal Production”

Organised by Prise and Malica, funded by CIRAD with participation of NIVR

Research on quality in animal production chains in Vietnam is closely linked to the development goals of the country and to the changes observed in the last decade: Animal productions are intensifying, the purchasing power of consumers is increasing and value chains are diversifying following new demands for quality. Among the consequences of these changes are: the emerging and evolution of risks in commodity chains, like animal health and public health issues; the lengthening of value chains from the production to the consumption; the apparition of cold chain and new distribution systems, and new products; the reorganization of value chains and markets; the changing of consumer preferences, perceptions and practices. This complex evolution may by accompanied by various research disciplines. Thus, this training course aimed to give a first global and multidisciplinary approach of quality issues in animal productions, related to the Vietnamese context.

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