Research Team

The nature of the specific objectives and the need for an integrated approach calls for organizing the contribution of 4 complementary scientific disciplinary fields: agricultural science (systems), agricultural economics, rural geography and rural anthropology. This multidisciplinary team will aim to produce collective monographs, syntheses and conceptual models. In particular, project deliverables include the publication of an Atlas of livestock and ecosystems, scientific publications on integrated methodologies and annual seminars, in which future scenario will be discussed.

Institution Name Position Discipline / Field
CASRAD Bui Quang Duan Researcher Agricultural economics
CASRAD Dao The Anh Researcher Agric. Economics, agrarian systems
CASRAD Dang Thi Hai Researcher Agricultural economics
CIRAD Do Thi Huong Giang  Project Assitance   Project Secretary
CIRAD - Cired Dorin B. Researcher Prospective economics
CIRAD - Innovation  Sautier D. Task leader (T3) Agric. Economics 
CIRAD - Innovation Marie-Vivien D. Researcher Property laws
CIRAD - Selmet Duteurtre G.  Project Coordinator Institutional economics
CIRAD - Selmet Bonnet P.  Task leader (T2) Livestock Geography
CIRAD - Selmet Cesaro J.D. Ph.D student Geography
CIRAD - Selmet Faye B. Researcher Animal sciences
CIRAD - Selmet Ickowicz A.  Researcher Animal sciences
CNRS Panier M. Researcher Anthropology of development
CNRS - Cne Culas C.  Researcher Anthropology of development
ILRI Baltenweck I.  Researcher Agricultural economics
ILRI Cadilhon J. Researcher Agricultural economics
ILRI Lapar L. Researcher Agricultural economics
INRA  Bernard Hubert President Agropolis  
INRA - Metafort Hostiou N.  Task leader (T1) Animal Husbandry
IPSARD Vu Trong Binh Researcher Agricultural Economics
NIAS Dinh Xuan Tung Researcher Agricultural economics
NIAS Le Thi Thanh Huyen  Researcher Agricultural science
NLU Tran Doc Lap Researcher/Lecturer Agricultural economics
NLU Nguyen Duyen Linh Researcher/Lecturer Agricultural economics
RUDEC Pham Duy Khanh Researcher / PhD student Animal sciences
RUDEC Hoang Vu Quang Task leader (T4) Agric. economics, modelisation
RUDEC Luong Nhat Minh Researcher/ Project Assitant Environmental science
RUDEC Nguyen Mai Huong  Researcher / PhD Student Development economics, modelling
RUDEC Nguyen Manh Cuong Researcher  Rural development
RUDEC Nguyen Tien Dinh Reseacher / PhD Student Rural development
RUDEC Pham Van Dung Researcher   
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