Workshop of Building foresight scenarios for dairy development in Ba Vi District (Hanoi)

On the 4th of April 2015, a workshop on "Building foresight scenarios for dairy development in the BaVi district" was organized by the office of Economics of the district people's committee.

The workshop was co-chaired by Mr Nguyễn Đình Dần, head of the office of Economics, and Dr Hoàng Vũ Quang, vice-directeur of IPSARD. The workshop involved many participants including representatives of dairy farmers, dairy processing units, Industries, locat administration and researchers. This activity was supported by the Revalter project which involves vietnamese and foreigh researchers. The general objective of the workshop was to present results of a study conducted on dairy production systems and dairy value chain in Ba Vi, and to discuss with the value chain stakeholders about future prospects. The discussion underlined the importance of the dairy industry in the development of the milk production systems. Stakeholders also discussed about the role of public authorities in the management of the certification brand "milk from Ba Vi" which suports the reputation of milk production in the whole district.

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